Shaping a new generation of blockchain

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    Services in development of applications and legal assistance for your business in this area.

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    Creating a digital form of company assets on the blockchain and subsequent placement of the asset on a token platform.

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    Security Audit

    Conducting a security audit for verification of a certain client’s technical feature or product.

  • Skein-white-logo


    A token platform, which enables a marketplace for digitally tradable assets.

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    SKEIN Blockchain

    Innovation with a new blockchain generation to trade value between network members.

  • ETF-logo


    Based on the SKEIN blockchain, we generate stock-, bond- and security tokens, in particular ETFs.

  • Retail-logo


    Blockchain-based applications that will attract more customers to their (online) stores.

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    Entertainment & Gaming

    Tailored payment system for businesses to provide customers with a more efficient way to purchase their services and reduction in costs for enterprises.


  • Adbank-logo


    A powerful ad platform to remove middlemen and dramatically reduce the $50B problem of ad fraud using AI.

  • Vangolli-logo


    Providing management services that contribute to the establishment, development and growth of enterprises.