Skeinera is a FinTech company active in blockchain and tokenization. With its wide range of experts, it will assist any enterprise in legal support, technical features and application development.
Skeinera Ltd is registered in the Hi-Tech Park (HTP), in one of the world's leading technology incubators.




A very diverse and experienced team gathered together to achieve this mission invisioned by themselves, to develop digital assets that will be used globally, instantly and at anytime. Skeinera with its team will focus on creating new partnerships and collaborations in order to ensure its growth and scalability.

With the platform of SKEIN we strive to enable instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Using peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.


Skeinera sees tokenization as the future in the crypto world. STO is a new form of investing in blockchain projects by offering tokenized valuable assets. Tokenization will cover bonds, real estate funds and structural investment products. The blockchain-based tokenized assets market share will be about $ 50 billion by 2022. We aim to offer tokenization of assets on the blockchain and subsequent placement of the asset on a token platform. Tokenizing any asset: stocks, debt instruments, derivatives, real estate, precious metals, art or ownership rights.

Trading without intermediaries. Blockchain can remove brokers and depositories from the structure of trading. This type of business will allow companies tokenize and raise funds for them. The local orders and decrees allow partner companies to take full advantage of our services and receive all the preferences from a partnership with Skeinera Ltd.